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How exactly to use?You can put on for the ongoing work permit online or in some recoverable format

How exactly to use?You can put on for the ongoing work permit online or in some recoverable format

Simple tips to use

You will need to provide your biometrics

Generally in most situations, at this point you need certainly to offer your fingerprints and picture (biometrics) when you use. Learn where biometrics ties in the program process.

Biometrics and also the application procedure

We relate to your fingerprints and picture as biometrics. We gather biometrics for many applications. Uncover what takes place from the time you distribute the job to whenever you have to Canada and where biometrics ties in the method.

1. Make an application for your visitor visa, research license or work permit

If you wish to check out, learn or operate in Canada, ensure you’re entitled to apply. Utilize our application guides to help to fill away the application correctly, then submit the job.

Prevent processing delays by giving us a whole application.

2. Get the fingerprints and picture taken

If you’re between 14 and 79 yrs . old, you probably want to offer your fingerprints and picture (biometrics). You simply have to provide your biometrics once every 10 years to produce perform trips to Canada easier.

  • You have to spend the biometrics feewhen you submit the application. Or else you may experience delays.
  • Understand this done because quickly as you receive the page from us that tells one to offer biometrics.
  • You’ve got thirty days for this through the date in the page.

3. We plan the application

Soon after we get the biometrics, we begin processing the application. Observe how long it requires to process the job.

From you, we’ll contact you if we need more information.

4. A decision is made by us on the application

As soon as we complete reviewing the job, we tell you if you’re authorized to come calmly to Canada. We issue your documents if you are.

In the event your application is refused, you are sent by us a page that tells you why.

5. You go Canada (if you’re authorized)

Be sure you travel using the papers you were given by us.