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Mail Order Marriage Statistics

Martin Cohen Nutrition / Mail Order Marriage Statistics

Find A international Wife:I reside abroad with my international spouse

Find A international Wife:I reside abroad with my international spouse

Will she inherit my British personal and state retirement benefits if we die first?

Inheriting pensions: Will a international partner get your funds in the event that you relocated overseas? (inventory image)

Tom Selby, senior analyst at AJ Bell, replies: for which you retire or even the nationality of the individual you determine to pass your retirement on to you have already built up after you die should have no bearing on the rights.

Nonetheless, you will see things that are different start thinking about with regards to the pension plan you have got.


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Let’s start because of the state pension. The brand new state retirement, introduced in April 2016, is generally predicated on your own personal National Insurance record just – meaning your lady will never be able to inherit centered on this.

It really is, nevertheless, feasible your lady will inherit one thing in the event that you accumulated entitlements underneath the old system – although this can rely on your own personal circumstances.

Selby: ‘It’s worth having your ducks in a row and checking your write-ups today’

mail order bride As an example, in the event that you developed ‘additional state retirement’ legal rights before 2016 your spouse may be eligible for a percentage with this.