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Do These Photographs Show A hamas-organized wedding of men and girls?

Do These Photographs Show A hamas-organized wedding of men and girls?

Photographs supposedly documenting A hamas-organized mass wedding of adult males and pre-pubescent girls

As documented in several news reports, mass weddings of Palestinians arranged by Hamas, involving a huge selection of partners per occasion, have now been an occurrence that is common the past few years into the Gaza Strip. As an example, a 2008 times article reported october:

The grooms had been resplendent in white tops although the brides all wore black colored. The 10th here this year courtesy of Hamas at a sports stadium one recent October evening, thousands of married couples along with relatives and friends — gathered for a mass wedding celebration.

Hamas happens to be watching a truce with Israel, permitting its fighters that are underground resurface but leaving them with very little to accomplish. At the exact same time, a huge selection of the group’s women have already been recently widowed, their husbands having been killed either in confrontations with Israel or perhaps into the fighting between Hamas as well as its secular rival, Fatah.

Benefiting from the pause in physical violence, the Hamas leaders have actually turned to matchmaking, bringing together solitary fighters and widows, and providing dowries and wedding parties for the countless here who cannot manage such trappings of matrimony.